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  • skya2
 Strong point
  • Single beam chassis  
  • Reinforced panels
  • Discs Ø560 mm
  • 900 mm betweens discs rows
  • Maintenance free HUB bearing
  • Discs inside sharpening
  • Ploughing disc Ø510 mm
  • Side deflectors



The SKYRON has been designed with a simple and effective safety system. With its central chassis of 250 x 250 x 10 mm and its side panels of 100 x 100 x 8 mm, it ensures stability and efficiency.


The technology used gives independent vibrating effect in 3 dimensions for every disc. A blade 100 x 16 mm mounted on lateral anti-displacement flange holds the disc Ø560 of thickness 5 mm. This disc is sharpened in the inside for continuous agressiveness even in difficult conditions.


The disc is mounted on a blade thanks to a maintenance free HUB bearing. The working depth is adjusted, hydraulically from the tractor, by the roller.


A big range of roller is available. In option, an independent disc scraper which ease the use in humid condition can be added on every blade. 

Characteristics Self-Supporting Skyron