BLI - BMI - BSI - 4 to 12 rows - from 70 to 150 CV

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 Strong points
  • Low cost et maintenance free
  • Sturdy and effective
  • Versatile
  • Multiple options


DescriptionThe cultivator RAZOL allorws cultivating by working on the surface layers of soil. It gives a rapid and economic weeding. By breaking the soil crusting formed under the effect of rain, this cultivator improves water penetration and reduces slaking. When the soil is dry and cracked, cultivating will allow the plants to breathe.
The cultivator has been designed for rows cultivating (maize, sunflower, sugar beet, rapeseed etc.).

*Weight given as exemple for a cultivator with flexible tines 32x10 with duckfoot T150 and rectratable plant protect discs

Tines and options

Please contact us for any specific configuration.
Exemples of cultivators already made:

  •   Double folding cultivator for maize seed
  •   Zucchini cultivator
  •   Tomatoes cultivator
  •   ...